Experimental Arts Axis, 1994-5

Semi-ironic underground art project with Giles Thomas and Justin Jin, which introduced controversial works into public spaces. Our pieces included:

  • Beacon. Three burning pyramids on Jesus Green, Cambridge (see Figure 1).
  • Corpse. A simulated corpse assembled from wood and meat hung by the neck by King's College, Cambridge.
  • Untitled. Paint used to recontextualize the structure of a public space.
  • Gender. A 'found' pedestrian bridge over a motorway.
Experimental Arts Axis: Beacon

Figure 1. Beacon

Blue Men, 1994

Three naked men covered with blue paint sit on chairs in front of the audience. Two men in lab coats throw pieces of meat at the blue men. The blue men scream.

Funeral of Youth, 1994

Piece to commemorate my 21st birthday. Youth was carried in a coffin through the streets of Cambridge and burnt on a pyre

Funeral of Youth Funeral of Youth

Figure 2. Funeral of Youth

Sacrifice, 1995

Attempt to sacrifice ram in the biblical style. Almost resulted in the sacrifice of my degree when it was banned by the University authorities.

Lung, 1995

More performance activities are documented in the film Lung.